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Websites of Interest

Inclusion BC

Community Living BC

Inclusion Canada

Inclusion Alberta

Disability Alliance BC (includes fact sheets for BC Disability Benefits)

CARF International

Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE)

David Pitonyak

Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia

South Peace Community Resources

Nidus - Info regarding Representation Agreements


BC Ferry Pass

ICBC Disability Discount

Accessible Travel Tips and Resources

Family Support Institute

HandyDart Information

Autistic Home Decorating: Make Your Home Autism Friendly

How to Help Your Child with Autism Cope During and After a Move

How to Help Your Child with ASD Overcome Her Fear of the Dentist and Establish Lifelong Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

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5 Ways to Support Siblings in Special Needs Families

Find Support BC - Find Supports in your area

CATS (Canadian Assisted Travel Society) - The gateway to accessible travel for people with disabilities.

Adressing Needs - Perfect clothing for mobility and medical issues.

Leash of Hope - Giving members of society the advantage of a dog to allow them to continue to live above the limitations of their disability.

Tetra Solutions - Providing solutions to your everyday accessibility problems, or working with you towards customized assistive devices.

VAMS (Vancouver Adapted Music Society) - Operating Canada's only fully-accessible recording studio, release CDs, creating music videos, and promoting concerts.

BCMOS (British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society) - Dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities through outdoor recreation.

VASS (Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports) - Making the mountain accessible to all and opening opportunities for those with limited abilities to access snow sports.

Linda McGowan - Linda is an author, world traveller, motivational speaker, and accessibility advocate. Traveling through all continents and even climbing Mount Everest in a wheelchair.

CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access) - Offering books for those with problems reading small print, and offering audio & braille books delivered right to your door.

CCRW (Canadian Council on Rehab and Work) - Helping persons with disabilities find a job or career.


Resource Documents

CLBC's Publication - Information for Families on Employment

CLBC's Fact Sheet - Individualized Funding

CLBC's Publication - Information for Families on Home Sharing

CLBC's Publication - Information for Families on "Residential Services: Individual Financial Payments"

CLBC's Pamphlet for Ageing Parents

CLBC Publication - The Power of Knowing Each Other - Stories about informal safeguards told by BC Families

CLBC's Publication - Belonging to One Another - Building Personal Support Networks

CLBC's Publication - Rights and Safeguards - A Guide for Self Advocates

CLBC's Video on You tube - Know your Rights - A Guide for Self Advocates

CLBC's Publication - Support Networks - A Guide for Self Advocates

How to include disability in disaster relief

Support BC's Transition Timeline - A great resource for planing your child's transition through services







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The Fort St. John Association for Community Living was incorporated on January 23, 1960. We are a non-profit organization that has contracts with Community Living BC to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities. We provide services in the Fort St. John and District area.

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