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Get involved. Join us. Make a difference.

Choose a career with us - a career with the FSJACL can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. We offer on the job training and opportunities for continued development, along with a dynamic work environment and benifits package after a trial period. Click here for current Career Opportunities.

Home Share - open up your home and your life to an individual with a developmental disability. Not only will you give an individual a full and meaningfull life but will also receive a greater meaning in your life and home.  You can make a difference! Click here for more information on Home Share.

Become a volunteer! Volunteering can make a huge difference in a person's life. Share a talent or volunteer for one of our programs or events. Whatever time you can spare is time that will make a difference. Click here for more information on Volunteering.

Where Your Support Goes...

A couple examples of where our fundraising dollars go (Fort St. John dollars go):

Thanks Fort St. John!

When you support us, a local not-for-profit organization; our foundation is community. We are very fortunate to be part of such a caring, giving community such as Fort St John. When we hold events or look for support, we are looking for partners. Without the generosity and open hearts of those sponsors who have supported us year after year, we would not be able to achieve our goal: Full inclusion for everyone.

Over the past years we have tried to create events that appeal to our community. By achieving this, we are able to create partnerships with the leaders in our community, while educating Fort St John on what we do. As a result we open doors to inclusion and create opportunities for those we support.

How can you help?

You can show your support simply by being willing to accept and include people with disabilities as part of your community. If you meet someone who looks a little different, or who has difficulty speaking or walking, offer them the same respect you would give anyone else ... a smile, a handshake, a moment of conversation.

You can also volunteer, become an employee or give a donation to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

You can also become a sponsor for one of our events. As stated earlier, we view sponsorships as partners and therefore, these are some examples of what you can get for your sponsorship (depending on the event):

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for one of our events, please contact Renée at 250-787-9262.