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Careers at FSJACL

Are you looking for an engaging career where you can make a difference? A position with FSJACL can be a fulfilling experience.  When you support adults with developmental disabilities, you help them live meaningful lives and be part of their community.

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What a Career looks like at FSJACL

Support workers play a vital role in assisting individuals who require extra support due to developmental disabilities and complex needs. They encompass a range of responsibilities aimed at improving the quality of life and promoting independence for those they assist. These tasks vary from personal care, emotional support, medication management, household tasks, community engagement and more.

There is a wide range of daily activities that support workers partake in, as activities are always tailored to individual’s unique needs and abilities. Support workers also often serve as advocates for individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are respected. Empowering individuals with disabilities to make choices and participate fully in their communities is central to the role of a support worker.

Working as a support worker offers a range of perks and rewards beyond financial compensation

One of the most significant perks being the profound sense of purpose that comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others. The perks extend far beyond just the paycheck. The profound sense of purpose, meaningful connections, personal growth opportunities, and job satisfaction makes for a rewarding day every day!

This is an excellent career choice for people who enjoy interacting with others, appreciate variety in their daily work, and want to make a difference in the lives of others.

The ideal support worker is caring, supportive, and makes individuals feel independent and involved in their community.  There is always room to grow within the role, as the FSJ ACL is constantly striving to enhance the practices of support workers to better meet the needs of those who we support.

When you support adults with developmental disabilities, you help them live meaningful lives and help them be part of their community.  If you are wanting a career that's fun and has positive impact, then being a support worker is the perfect choice for you!”

Work With Us!

Positions at FSJACL start at $25.95/hour + 10.6% paid on all hours worked as a casual/relief staff.

What our employees have to say!

“It's fulfilling supporting people and helping to make a difference in their lives.”

“I like getting to know all the qualities and contributions each person we support have to offer, and supporting them using their strengths in the community.”

“I enjoy spending time and having fun with all the people I support.”

“I enjoy the opportunities to make connections in the community.”

“I love the team I work with and I like watching the people we support grow in their independence.”

“There is so much I love about working here. It is a supportive environment with endless opportunity for growth in the agency. I enjoy building relationships with the people we support and being able to the celebrate all the successes in their lives with them.”

Find Us

10251  100th Avenue
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 1Y8

We are CARF Accredited

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) has awarded FSJACL another three year accreditation in 2023, the highest level of accreditation available. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CARF

Land Acknowledgement

The Fort St. John Association for Community Living is committed to building and nurturing relationships with Indigenous peoples. We would like to gratefully acknowledge that we live, work and play on the traditional lands of the Dane-zaa peoples of the Doig River First Nation, Blueberry River First Nation, and Halfway River First Nation, in Treaty 8 Territory, also part of the Métis Nation homeland, and we thank them for their hospitality.

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