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MentorAbility 2015

The MentorAbility Booklet is a must read!  Check out the stories of the many wonderful businesses in Fort St John who participated in this project and what a great opportunity it was for individuals we support - some of the matches have resulted in employment.

Click here to read the MentorAbility Booklet

Read our latest edition of "Whats Up" the FSJACL Spring Newsletter

Read our latest edition of "What's Up" the FSJACL Spring Newsletter to find out what's been happening and what's coming up

Click here to read our Spring Newsletter

Given the Change to Prove Himself

By Boaz Joseph, Surrey North Delta
Leader, Nov 12, 2014 

Shawn Rill has had autism for most of his 26 years but has forged a successful
life for himself.   Read more.....

Hiring Autistic Workers a Sweet Deal for Everyone

Drew McDonough walks quickly past the 50-pound bags of brown sugar and the huge tubs of cholcolate frosting.  He takes a second to clock in at a computer, dresses in his bakery clothers (hairnet, work shirt, apron), and then speed-walks toward the stainless steel table where, five days a week, he packages cups of sticky toffee pudding.   Read More....

The Reason Why Businesses Should Hire Employees with Disabilities

By Kathleen O'Brien, Nationswell, Nov 12, 2014

Finding a job is difficult for the average person. Add a disability into the
mix, and the odds seem impossible, especially since there’s the stereotype that
hiring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) will
be a detriment to business.  Read More.....

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The Fort St. John Association for Community Living was incorporated on January 23, 1960. We are a non-profit organization that has contracts with Community Living BC to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities. We provide services in the Fort St. John and District area.

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