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Sarah Conkin Profile Picture 2Sarah Conkin - President


SAB 1290 web Dale Lynn Plotnikow - Vice President

I moved to Charlie Lake in March of 2012, to start a life with my husband in the north from Calgary, Alberta. I was born and raised in Northern Alberta close to my grandparents farm where I spent most of my childhood. This is where I learned my two favorite hobbies; gardening and baking. I’m the type of person who is always willing to lend a hand; I’m usually always positive and happy; I really enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces, if it is being goofy, making them a cake or bringing them some of my harvest from my garden.

What appeals to me about being a part of FSJACL is I’m always very impressed by the work the organization does within the community and I would like to be more involved in the community I live in. I really enjoy planning and organizing events. I think those qualities would be an asset to the FSJACL.  I asked a few people that I’m close to and this is how they described me; Dale is extremely hard working, detail oriented and determined to provide the best product in the most efficient way. She is a strong leader and provides positive encouragement and support to team members. Dale leads by example and by doing so motivates the people around her to work hard and be their best. Dale is a generous, caring and positive person and is a big supporter of local producers, businesses and entrepreneurs.


SAB 0167 web   Tara Waddy - Treasurer

Tara Waddy is a partner with MNP and has been a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor for many years. Tara and her husband have lived just outside of Fort St. John for just over 2 years. People would describe Tara as outgoing, personable, helpful and willing. As a member, and director, of several boards, Tara has experience working with volunteers and employees to make community organizations successful.

Boards and other positions:

Synergy FSJ Rep for Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce
Director and Member of Cecil Lake Recreation Commission
Treasurer, South Peace Habitat for Humanity
President and member of the Grande Prairie Chartered Accountant Club
Tara is looking to join an organization that provides needed and important services to the community.


byron stewartByron Stewart - Secretary

  sally 3-web  Sally Birley - Director

I was born and raised in Fort St. John to a pioneer family of the Peace River Area and as a result I have deep roots in the area. I’ve worked in education system in various capacities from preschool to high school since 1982 to present. Recently, I completed a Masters in Education to be the Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a position I’ve held for the past three years. I am also a resource teacher and plan individual programs for students who need extra support. In addition to teaching, I have a small business and realize the importance of budgeting and managing operating expenses.

I understand at a personal level the trials and tribulations associated with having a member of my family with special needs. This has helped me to view Special Education in a new light and with renewed interest to all the stakeholders. As a lifelong learner I am passionate about the rights of students with special needs.

My interest in becoming a board member for the FSJ Association for Community Living results from my belief that students graduating from School District 60 need a fluid transition from school to community. My involvement with the board will help me to gain valuable insight into the way the Society functions and how the school district and society can use their similarities to create a more successful transition. I feel that as an employee of the school district I could use my knowledge of school district policies and procedures to ensure success for more students.


 Bert-web  Bert Cushway - Director

I was born September 2nd, 1935 and have lived in Fort St John almost my entire life where I have seen many changes over the years.  Many stores and business have come and gone.  I lived in Kamloops for a short time and I used to play lots of baseball which I really enjoyed.  Unfortunately, I got hit in the mouth with a
ball and that's how I lost my teeth.

When I was working I did lots of things like welding and ran lots of heavy equipment.  I'm retired now and have been for many years.  I wish I was still working.   Now I volunteer at the Senior's Center Monday and Thursday and do a lot of visiting with friends and I ride the bus quite a bit.

I have a good sense of humor and I think I can contribute a lot to the board of directors and be a voice for others who have a disability.


josh cullenJoshua Cullen - Director

Tania Bell - Director





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The Fort St. John Association for Community Living was incorporated on January 23, 1960. We are a non-profit organization that has contracts with Community Living BC to provide services to adults with developmental disabilities. We provide services in the Fort St. John and District area.

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